Like Monster Hunting? Love DnD? Then pack your grill of barbecuing, ‘cos this is the supplement for you.

What’s Inside?

Everyone loves owlbears, mimics, and dragons. But what about a radiant sunmouth owlbear? Cavernous tavern mimics? Magnetic magnetite dragons? Inspired by Monster Hunter, we’ve reimagined ten classic DnD monsters each with a variety of CR-spanning statblocks. A beautiful battlemap hosts each lair – the arena for your encounter.

  • Play each hunt oneshot at any one of three levels.
  • Research and investigate to discern habits and garner valuable insights.
  • Epic boss fights, with multi-wave mechanics in a reactive environment

Know who’s missing out? Those adventurers that kill stuff then leave it there to rot! Heliana’s guide contains rules for harvesting monster parts, including special trophies for each of the ten merciless boss monsters. Sell them for gold or take them to gadgeteer, L’Arsène Upin, and resident biomancer, Humperdink the Warlock, for bespoke rewards.

  • Fun, easy-to-implement harvesting system.
  • Extract magical trophies, charms, and trinkets from your kills.
  • Nothing is wasted; every monster type has its uses in Loot Tavern.

You’ve tracked the beast, slain it, and stripped the feathers from its lifeless corpse. What could possibly be worth the multiple, harrowing, near-death experiences? Unique. Bespoke. Treasure. Only with these rare and powerful monster parts can L’Arsène Upin – infamous thief and gadgeteer – craft you a hoard of legendary loot.

  • 110+ all-new, fully-illustrated magic items.
  • Customize your weapons and armour with charms and runes.
  • Craft bespoke magic items that can be upgraded and grow with your player!

Enamel Pins

Magic items are good, but they don’t give you snuggles. That’s where Humperdink’s pièce de resistance comes in: the S.P.I.N.O.F.F.

Using his Selective, Particular, and Intricately Nuanced Organic Familiar Factory, Humperdink can take the extracted essence of a recently slain monster and birth a little pet familiar, binding the conjuration magic into a fetching enamel lapel pin. Each familiar has a unique ability, such as the kobolds tie laces, and the sunmouth owlbear cub’s radiant sunlamp.

Gift your players both an in-game familiar and an actual, real-life enamel pin as reward for a hunt complete. We just finished a different enamel pin Kickstarter and they look really good! Of course, you might just want some of these cute pins to decorate your shirt, bag, or scout sash – we’ll have a tier for that too, so sign up above to get a notification.

  • 10+ pet familiars offering useful abilities (and snuggles)!
  • 10 beautiful hard enamel pins with silk-screen shading.
  • Mounted on high-quality cards displaying the familiar’s stats and abilities.

The Loot Tavern

The Loot Tavern floats in a pocket dimension entered from doors all over the universe: a decrepit doorway in a seedy alley, an organic portal in an ancient oak, or a door-like slab of obsidian deep within the hells—“All doors lead to Lut”, as the saying goes. With the correct cocktail in their bellies, a patron can step out of the tavern and find themselves transported to any city, fey realm, or hellscape that they desire.

The Loot Tavern is a hub for adventurers, runaways, and vagabonds. With a cast of ready-made, recurring characters, the tavern can make the perfect start and end point for any one shot, quest, or campaign. From within its enchanted walls, Heliana commissions hunts, L’Arsène crafts contraptions, Humperdink fashions familiars, and Lut, the proprietor, trades in all manner of gossip and information.


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